Friday, September 10, 2010

New Sculpt

I've been working on this project at school, and finished in (for me) record time. The lash of my teacher's urgings ("I want to see this done by Thursday. Just put the head on and be done with it.") spurred me on a bit, because I know I am slow in the sculpting department, and I knew I had to speed up a bit. But the other part of me was saying, "Not my vision. Sorry."

So here was my vision:
It's about a foot high, and not fired yet. I'll be smoothing down the ridges after it dries a bit, so it will be nice and smooth.

 I always take pics, nowadays, in case of horrible kiln accidents. One of my  fellow students told me it was so delicate, I should re-do it in porcelain clay. I might do that after Halloween. Right now, I am out of time!


  1. This is really REALLY impressive.

    It's a beautiful sculpt.

  2. He's beautiful, Shell :)

    Fingers crossed there's no kiln explosions when you fire him.

  3. It looks very good. The ears look especially delicate.

  4. Really gorgeous in a creepy sorta way.

  5. He's amazing! Very nice sculpting.

  6. Incredible work here. I can't stand being rushed to finish anything I enjoy, so I feel your pain.

  7. Wow, Shelley!
    That's talent, right there!


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