Sunday, November 14, 2010

Crazy Dog T-Shirts

I wanted to give you guys another heads-up on Crazy Dog TShirts, a company I mentioned on the blog a few weeks ago

I bought a few cool things from them that I hadn't seen before.
Sorry the first pic is sideways; Blogger seems to have a glitch and won't put it in right way 'round!

I saw the Sleepy Hollow Polo Association shirt and had to have it! I have to say the fabric is so soft and comfy. Not only that, it was on sale for $4.99! The only down side is that it's not available in women's sizes.

Of course, when I saw both the Overlook Hotel hoodie and t-shirt, they really needed to be in my closet. The t-shirt does come in women's sizes, and is also on sale for $4.99.
They carry a number of horror movie-related t-shirts, like the Camp Crystal Lake Counselor shirts and hoodies, USCSS Nostromo t's, and the classic Bates Motel t.

I like these guys enough that I'm putting their banner in the right sidebar until the end of December, so you can grab some Holiday cheer for yourself.

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  1. Those are incredible! I personally love things like this, that are insider jokes only a fan would get (I really kick myself for not picking up a "Property of Sunnydale High" athletic shirt years ago!). The Overlook shirt is probably my fave!


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