Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Notes From Hallowe'en Night, 2010

The Night of Nights dawned clear and warm. It was surprising, since the weather man had been threatening us with rain throughout the weekend. Since the party was the night before, 99% of everything was set up already, and that made for a more relaxing day. I'll have to remember that early setup is the key to not completely losing my mind next year.

Things go wrong every year; it's just part of the mischief that floats around like that strange, unidentifiable substance in your cocktail. Here's a random sampling of things that went wrong and things I want to keep in mind for next year:
  1. Though I had acquired a few more three-outlet, 100' extension cords, I still had to borrow a few from the neighbors. (Note to self: buy one new medium-to-heavy duty extension cord a month for the next year. You'll probably only wind up one short next year.)
  2. Even though the surround sound system and 5-disc CD changer worked fine last year, that doesn't guarantee it this year. (And WTF happened to the cone in one of the speaker housings?! I opened it up, and was greeted by two wires, just hanging there. Note to self: Talk to Stewie about strange eating habits.)
  3. Just because your little 400 watt fog machine for your witch's cauldron worked fine for the big photo shoot three weeks ago, doesn't mean it will work at all when next you plug it in.
  4. Roses don't like it when you walk through them and will try to kill you. (Note to self: hack those bastards back before setting up props, electrical, and air lines. Another note to self: have blood transfusion standing by next time, just in case.)
  5. Stop trying to make a "quick, throw-together prop" on Hallowe'en. They are never quick, and you can't just throw them together. Give it up, already! (I am referring to my PVC dummy, which I have yet to use because everything else always seems to get in the way.)
  6. Start planning next year on November 1st, and start building December 1st. You might actually get everything finished that way.
  7. Just because Widows Movie Maker was on your computer to edit your movie last year, doesn't mean you didn't forget you needed it and uninstalled the program to free up disc space this year. (That's o.k. I got another program that has better reviews, anyway.)
  8. Fellow haunters don't want to wait to see your photos, so you really should see to your schedule a little better next year.
I'll share some fun stories with you soon.


  1. LoL! that was priceless! and, oh, so true...

  2. I SOOOOOO relate to all of this! Halloween Day was a flurry of activity, mostly with me trying to get things to work that normally give me no problems at all!

  3. You just crack me up!! I knew I loved your for a reason.

    Might be something in the air. Our fog machine that worked fine all month did not work Halloween night. Go figure.

    Off to find out if there is a god of fog machines....I bet Mr. Pratchett would know....I will track him down when I am over there and ask him :D

    Silly frog queen will go back under her rock now.


  4. We are put out with the dang Fog Machines. Apparently when you pay $40-$100 for a fogger that only gets you one Halloween night's worth of fog. I think they should state that on the box...that they are 1 time use, disposable foggers! Because that is all that ours have managed to last now for several years. Curse those things!

    Great post! :o)

  5. Good advice, which video editor do you use?

  6. GoneFeral- I just downloaded AVS Video Editor 5.1 today, but I haven't used it yet. I'll let you know after I get my video together how I like it. At first glance, though, it looks pretty user-friendly.

    "We'll find out," she says ominously.

  7. Ha! Every one of those notes I laughed out loud cause I related to (except the movie part, can never get that to work ever.)

  8. Couple of comments:
    1: No matter how many extension cords you buy it will never be enough.

    5: There is no such thing as a "quick, throw-together prop".

    6: Already started planning.

    Finally: Thank you for spelling the word with the APOSTROPHE. The apostrophe differentiates our favorite holiday with a certain John Carpenter movie.


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