Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Holy Hand Grenades, Batman! Two Years I've Been Writing This Drivel?!

And you first readers are mostly still here! Amazing!

O.K., I'm such a big, fat loser that my two-year blog anniversary came and went on November 3rd without so much as a peep from me. Yup. Two years since my first blog post. Hopefully, you can forgive me this oversight.

I want to thank blog buddy Spooky Blue for being the very first person in the blogosphere to notice and comment on my blog. Spook was encouraging from the very beginning, when I was pretty darn sure that I was blogging to a completely disinterested web. We had been something like pen-pals the previous year, when Stewie was under construction. I'd write with an idiotic question, and Spook would send back a knowledgeable and kind response. (Not, "You freakin' idiot! Stop writing me! Effing stalker!")

Spook, you are still my prop hero and I just think you are da bomb! Your writing is thoughtful and always either inspires me or makes me giggle. Thanks!

Wow, two years. My grandma was a spring chicken of 99 years old. I did my first sculpture, and a bronze at that! Stewie was still new and proud, and at least a year away from looking like he needed neck surgery. I was forty, and wanted to start to do what it was I believe I was meant to do and set my feet on the artist's path once and for all. Now I have a piece in a museum.

The time went very quickly, and the work was, and is, sometimes frustrating, and sometimes disappointing. I'm in the process of learning some new throwing techniques, which makes me feel like I've been busted back down to rank beginner. Oh, well! It's either grow or die on the vine, right? Today at school we're doing a soda firing. I made four or five pieces and glazed them last week in preparation for it, and I'm really excited to be involved in it! Next month, there's a pit firing, so I need to make sure I have some pieces ready for that. I'm pretty sure Mr. ShellHawk would frown on my digging a pit in the back yard!

So life goes on, and hopefully, learning and growing will continue. I hope the same for you, too!


  1. Happy belated blog birthday! I enjoy reading your blog.

  2. Happy Blogoversery! It's been cool reading your blog, and your haunt is effing gorgeous! If there was a Halloween Blogger Hall of Fame, I'd have you inducted immediately! :D

  3. Happy Belated Blogiversary! Sounds like it's been an eventful couple of years. Looking forward to reading your blog for many more. :)

  4. Congrats :) Time flies when you're writing about it on the computer, eh?

  5. Happy anniversary! It's always good to read what you write on your blog.


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