Saturday, November 13, 2010

The Witch of Rose Hill-Hallows 2010

At long last, the video is done! I may do more tweaking later, but at least you can get an idea of what the Night of Nights looked like from my house. (Watch it as soon as you can, in case the soundtrack is silenced by The Man!)
Click on the pic to watch.

Update: I fixed the editing issue at the end of the video and re-uploaded it, so it should play better now.


  1. Well done! I especially love the hanging jack-o-lanterns. :)

  2. Nice video! I've found that they didn't pull my music, just put a "this might violate copyright" note on, but no one seems to care.

  3. Scott-It's back! I had to fix a couple of things first that I missed on my last pass.

  4. Your house looked great! What was that in the car? I need to build a fence like you have. I love the Judith Meyers headstone, Awesome job

  5. In the Mighty Dodge (which I now will officially not sell, which is another post in itself) is a Bucky that I dress up and put a couple of mini LED spots in. Maybe I'll go back and adjust the brightness.
    I'll do a shorter edit later. Let me know what you think is a "must keep" segment.
    I'm totally crushed, too. Someone on You Tube gave me a thumbs-down. ;oP

  6. Very well done ... great job!

  7. Well, whoever gave you a "Thumbs-down" is a complete idiot! That is a fantastic haunt, and I love your use of the TrT score (I seriously considered using that as the soundtrack to my yard haunt this year. Ultimately, I went with Midnight Syndicate's "Vampyre" instead, since it went with my costume).

    Your tombstones are fantastic! I'd love to be able to make headstones that looked that good!

  8. Stunning! Love the "trick r treat" beginning. Also love some of those Jacks. I think I might have to go with the"jigsaw carver" next year. Great job.


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