Thursday, November 25, 2010

New Treasures From the Kiln

I've been slaving away over my "rest-of-the-year" pieces for the past couple of months. We had a soda firing last week, a couple of Raku firings several weeks ago, and are going to be having a pit firing in the next couple of weeks, so I've been prepping pieces for them. Here are a few pics of the most recent results.
Raku Fired "Gromit"

Raku fired jar

Soda fired vase
I can't wait to see what the new pieces will look like! We have another soda firing to look forward to this week, so I can play with some glazes for that, then on to the pit firing.
It's so nice I don't have to wait 'til Christmas to open presents, huh?

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  1. Those are beautiful pieces. There is a place in town that has a wonderful course in ceramics with tons of studio time. I'm thinking of trying to convince them into working around my schedule.


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