Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Hauntcast Giveaway!

Well, boils and ghouls, why wait for a good thing? Might as well announce the first giveaway of the year!

First prize: A Loyal Minion Subscription to Hauntcast, which includes a t-shirt and a one-year subscription to Hauntcast.

Second Prize: A Dungeon Dweller Subscription, which includes a one-year subscription to Hauntcast.

Third Prize: An original, ShellHawk ceramic pumpkin of my choice. Go to my Etsy store to see what you just might win.

And yes, I am actually paying for the subscriptions out of my pocket. That's how much I love you.

"ShellHawk! What do I have to do to win one of these AMAZING prizes?!"

I thought you'd never ask.

There are several ways to get your name dropped into the hat:
  • Comment on this post. (If you get this through Facebook, please head to my actual blog page to enter your comment. Facebook comments don't count!)
  • Blog about this post and include a link. Leave me a comment with a link so I can check it out.
  • Become a new follower of this blog. Come on. You know you want to!
  • Become a new Twitter follower.
  • "Like" my fan page on Facebook.
  • If it doesn't break the rules of conduct, post about this on Garage of Evil, Hauntforum, Hauntspace, or Halloween Forum to spread the word.
  • After each of these, you can come back and comment on this post for another entry, as long as you include the link for me!
I want to encourage everyone to enter, even if you've previously won and don't want to be greedy! (Go ahead. Be greedy!)

The winners will be announced on Monday, January 17th

And, btw, if you can't wait to win a subscription, head over to the Hauntcast subscription page and check out your other options. One of those options includes discounts from some of our old sponsors, which alone could pay for your subscription price...

UPDATE: Chris and his tiny minions have been working feverishly to accomodate those without a Paypal account; now he accepts all major credit cards. So if you're looking to get a subscription before this giveaway is over, it's more convenient than ever!

Good luck, everyone!


  1. Ah, you are just too nice. (don't count me in the drawing...already gave away a subscription myself :D)

    Just cannot pass up any opportunity to tell you how nice you are :)


  2. He loves me!! He really really loves me!!!
    head over to my blog for a dollie giveaway and thanks!!!

  3. Hey, I'll throw my name in the hat! Here's a link to my blog, where you can read my pointless babbling and musings on all things spooky:


    Thanks for this contest! Very cool of you!

  4. another generous offer from a very cool artist! I just sent in my subscription and T-shirt order so don't count me in either. for anybody else, definitely enter this giveaway!!!

  5. ooo! ooo! pick me!
    I also gave you a Facebook "like"

    Thanks Shelley! Love the blog, love your art, and love your Hauntcast segment, by the way :)

  6. Awesome Shellhawk, I love Hauntcast and I have been on board from the first podcast. I hate that Chris is going to a pay for play but I understand. I would love a free subscription, but have no fear, I won't miss an episode no matter what.

  7. Count me in, please, and take me to new heights- I've been a topless Loyal Underling too long, and am more than ready to be a Loyal Minion with a warm and snazzy Hauntcast shirt to listen to you dulcet tones in.

  8. Oooh, shiny! This would be awesome to have!
    I also "like" you on Facebook. :)

  9. Very cool! You're such a nice blogger.

    I also like your page on facebook. :)

  10. Anonymous: I need a way to identify you. You could message me with a minimal amout of info on Facebook to I can throw your name in the hat.

  11. Here's my comment :) And I already like you/follow you.

    greedy! greedy! greedy!

  12. Cool! I am following you on Twitter now, would love to win a subscription! Thanks for the oppertunity and Thanks Frog Queen for tweeting about this!

  13. OK I posted to your blog, what do I win?
    Just kidding. I'm not going to say something sappy because everybody else already did.

  14. Hi Shelly! I just did a write up about your blog and the giveaway on my blog and attached the link below so please check it out! Good luck to everyone!


  15. I love Hauntcast and your work. I'd be happy with either! I also follow you on Twitter and Like you on Facebook. I'm not a stalker though, I swear!

  16. Count me in! We are a little tight in the $ department at the household and Hauntcast is my favorite podcast.

  17. This is great and very generous of you! I'm now following your blog (AmFatallyYours). I'm also following you on twitter (AmFatallyYours). I "liked" you on facebook (Manda M.). And I blogged about this contest. http://amfatallyyoursforever.blogspot.com/2011/01/shellhawks-nest-hauntcast-giveaway.html

  18. I have "liked" your fan page, and I'm also "following" you on Twitter. I'm now officially a computer stalker?

  19. WOW ... I hope all this attention helps you out with saving Hauntcast! Good Luck!

  20. Hey Shelly,

    Gave you a like on Facebook!

  21. Okay, so how was it I wasn't already following you? I read your blog... I swear they need to create a technology that is Cory proof... because I am the Antitech. I think I even get a head wound in Revelations...

    Miss you Shellee, can't wait to see you gooey on Saturday.


  22. Love your blog and Hauntcast!!!

    I would love to win one of your pumpkin pots!!!

  23. Reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeally want a pumpkin pot!
    Sign me up for the contest, please!

  24. How nice! I already have a subscription and T-shirt (but could always gift them), but I don't have a ShellHawk pumpkin pot. I'm in!

  25. First what a great blog you have! I have found another favorite place to check out interesting and new things. Thanks for doing this wonderful contest and hopefully it will bring in some more support for Hauntcast.

    Jeff Squires


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