Saturday, January 29, 2011

Hauntcast at Transworld

It's official! The entire Scream Team will be assembling at Transworld this March! It was up in the air for a bit because of my home budget, but that hurdle has been overcome and it's smooth sailing all the way to St. Louis.

If you're going to Transworld, please stop by the Hauntcast booth and say, "hi." You can hear Johnny Thunder's laugh in person, too! What could be better?


  1. congrats--should be a great time...not sure I'll be able to get there but if not, I'll have to rely on you for all the juicy details that I just know you'll be putting in your blog for all the poor little waifs who can't get there! (hint, hint)

  2. Need these guys to come to the east coast!

  3. Pam- almost everything for you!

    Jay- Wish I could, but this is the only convention in my budget for the year. :(

  4. That will be an awesome time :) Been trying to figure out a way to save up for MidWest Haunter's Convention.

  5. Are you saying you won't be at West Coast Haunters Convention this May? Your appearance last year convinced me to give Hauntcast a listen, and there should be lots more minions for you to convert this year.

    I think I'll go pout now.

  6. Sorry, TOT. I REALLY wish I could afford to go, but I just can't make it work without a big lotto win!


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