Tuesday, January 4, 2011


Christmas has been and gone, leaving behind not the lump of coal expected, but some very cool things! A Kindle, a special edition copy of The Silence of the Lambs, a bunch of ceramics books, a very cool set of bobblehead skull wine stoppers, and a hand made parrot fish from a friend of mine. I got a bunch of other stuff, too, but I won't bore you with the full list.
 The only problem with the wine stoppers is that we rarely have a bottle with wine left in it at the end of our gatherings!
 My best friend from jr. high school, Ron Whipple, has started making various sock and glove dolls. I have to say, I just love this parrot fish!
Last I heard, he had a nice collection for sale at the Hyaena Gallery in Burbank, so head on over there to check them out.

I'll give you some more updates on my Winter Break soon. Meanwhile, stay tuned! January will bring you several giveaways here at the Nest!


  1. You could always use the skull stopper on a handcrafted potion/witch bottle :)

  2. LOL! I completely agree with the wine stoppers....I have quite a collection gathering dust in a drawer :)



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