Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Haunters Video Awards-Hey! Get Off Your Asses and Submit, Already! (Sheesh!)

Yes, your Mistress of Mayhem is very disappointed in you, because you haven't submitted your video for the Haunters Video Awards, yet.

The deadline is January 31, although there are some rumblings about extending it. But you know what? The deadline should not have to be extended, should it? Because we are all organized people, right? And organized people always get their projects in long before the cutoff date, so the people who have real jobs and lives and are volunteering their time don't get swamped on the last day with problems and questions, right? Because poor planning on our part does not constitute an emergency on their part, right? Because we organized people are considerate of other haunting enthusiasts time and would never dream of being that rude, would we?

I thought not.

I know all of my readers, regardless of the level of their haunt, will submit their 4-5 minute video, according to the instructions on the website, right? Because we all want to support our haunt community and this unique collection of videos or they will go away, right?

I thought so.

And you say you'll spread the word about this, too? You really are the best readers any blogger could ever have.

*sniff* I am so verklempt!


  1. well, I was so frazzled this past Halloween with my first 'big' walk-thru haunt, that all I managed were some pics. I really regret not taking the time to video it but live and learn...definitely will this year!

  2. I think that sometimes we all need a reprimand. My video is only a bit over three minutes..maybe I should make it a bit longer....
    Thanks for the reminder!


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