Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Scooped by the Frog Queen

The Frog Queen already wished this for everyone: Happy Imbolc!

What's Imbolc? Isn't it Groundhog's Day? Yes, It's that, too. It's also St. Brigid's Day- or, rather, it was, yesterday. In Scotland, they're celebrating the "lactation of the ewes," which is pretty important for those who want their lambs to survive.

Today is one of the Pagan calendar's Great Eight, as I like to call them; it's one of the eight sabbats on the wheel of the year. It celebrates the very beginnings of life returning to earth. (Yes, I know some of my readers are suffering through some pretty horrific ice storms right now, but humor me on this one.)

Today is about Spring Cleaning. The Goddess comes in and sweeps away the detritus of Winter to clear the way for new things. Our gardening magazines urge us at this time to clear away old leaves and dead matter from our gardens because leaving them there will give disease and fungus a chance to get a foothold, destroying our new crops. How much more so do we need to clean out our old ideas and thought patterns which are holding us back and poisoning our relationships? Clear out the old so the new has a healthy space in which to grow.

No one likes a moldy brain in an otherwise healthy body! (Insert zombie reference here...)

This day is also the day the Goddess in her guise as the Maiden joins with the God in his guise as Youth, and plants the seeds of new life. (Man, is She busy today!) Their ecstasy and love are still observed in a nearby Hallmark Holiday: Valentine's Day, though in a very diluted manner.

Birds out here in California are starting to build their nests and to pair up. Soon, they'll have what I like to call "little peepers," which I'll see with my dog on our rambles through the nearby nature area. Baby rabbits, ducklings, goslings and all manner of new little critters will be born in the next few months because of the pairings that begin at this time.

As thinking beings, we can recognize the connection this has to our own life cycles and thought processes, and incorporate the lessons and parallels into our lives so we can more forward with strength and intent in the coming spring. The union of the God and the Goddess gives us a blessing called, "inspiration." For those who don't believe that, how optimistic do you feel when you first see the days getting longer and the crocus poking its way through the snow?

For those of you who want to celebrate Imbolc simply, I suggest you take some paper scraps, write down the old addictions and thoughts holding you back, and burn them, letting the thoughts go as the paper turns to ash. Next, take a few seeds of your choice (I like sunflowers, because they're so cheerful and grow quickly) and plant them in a pot, holding in your mind the things you're looking forward to bringing to fruition this year. Is there a relationship you want healed? Words you can't seem to help saying that are causing damage? Let the words go and see the potential healing represented in those seeds you planted. Most of all, look forward to the spring, because she is on her way!

Happy Imbolc, boys and girls. Say hi to the groundhog for me, too, if you're in the 'hood.

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  1. Wow, I wish I would have said that....I mean the skull candles are cool and all, but that was inspiring.

    Thanks my dear!



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