Sunday, February 27, 2011

Witch Jar Tutorial on YouTube

I was lucky enough to get one of Rot's jars. It makes me feel like the Spirit of Halloween shines in my haunt, every time I light it.

Just a heads-up that Chris Baker has posted a video tutorial for witch jars. (Click on the pic to watch.) 

Originated by the legendary Pumpkin Rot, witch jars will likely be the rage in the home haunters' yards this year. Cheap to make, and a big spooky impact!

Pumpkin Rot's witch jars.
Strublay's witch jar tutorial.


  1. I made some last year and plan on making more this year also. So fun and easy to make (coming from a very noncrafty man!)

    Many thanks to PumpkinRot for his inspiration!

  2. Yeah, I'm thinking on doing my own variation on these this year. I like the effect they give.


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