Tuesday, February 15, 2011


Image by mrae715
I'll just do a really quick post as it's a school day and I have to get the dogs fed, etc., before I head out the door.

Puppy watch has been and gone with somewhat disappointing results. Lotus had a litter of only four: two boys and two girls were safely delivered. Since I'm fourth in line for a male, I am what is commonly known as S.O.L. on this particular litter. I'm keeping a smile on my face anyway!

The good news is, there's another litter from the same breeder that's going to whelp any minute. Though the female, Mona, is a black shepherd, she may have some of the "normal" black and tan pups I'm looking for. If not, she plans to breed Hutch to another of her females shortly.

As Tom Petty said, the waiting is the hardest part. *sigh*


  1. Hey, a black shep could work! Especially if you still plan to name him Samhain!

  2. Ah, hang in there, in no time at all you will be chasing your cute puppy around the house :)



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