Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Things You Will Never Hear (Backstage) at a Haunted Attraction

Via Talladega Frights Haunted Attraction on Facebook:

1. Everyone is ready; let’s open early.

2. Keep your fan… it feels great in here.

3. It’s only September and we’re already finished with construction.

4. Can we stay open later tonight?

5. We have enough blood to last TWO seasons!

6. Wow, it smells great back here.

7. I can work every night in October!

8. Thank goodness we’re having pizza again.

9. Just leave your trash in your room.

10. No thanks, I brought my own water.

11. I love working in a room with fog.

12. Wow! The guests are so polite.

13. Who needs caffeine? I’m on a natural high.

14. Gross! I wish the guests would stop peeing themselves.

15. The fog machines are working perfectly.

16. The music tracks are working perfectly.

17. The chainsaws are working perfectly.

18. I LOVE my makeup! More, please!

19. You hung your costume so well!

20. I think texting is a distraction.

21. Take your time eating dinner.

22. Take your time using the restroom.

23. Boy, I could work all night!

24. Can I play this role all season?

25. This costume is so comfortable.

26. Can you send the guests through a little faster, please?

27. I don’t smoke.

28. Our actors sure are overpaid.

29. I’m so glad the season is over.

30. May I please work a drop panel tonight?


  1. Funny! A scream! What the heck is a drop panel?

  2. Ouch, I laughed so much my face hurt!


  3. ROFL!!!!!!!!!!!!

    As a veteran of the pro haunt experience, I hafta say... that was solid gold.

  4. Dot-
    A drop panel is a haunters gag where a previously "solid" wall or window drops suddenly to reveal a monster or other scare behind it.

    More experienced haunters would probably tell you it's hot and uncomfortable behind it.

    Anyone care to comment?


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