Saturday, February 19, 2011

The Orphaned Zombaby Epidemic

This baby is available for adoption. Please click on the pic to begin the process.
Etsy shop wiggletiggy is on a quest to re-home the ever-growing population of orphaned Zombabies through the Adopt a Zombaby Centre.

In the Centre's press release:
Orphaned Zombabies, their story is one of tragedy and of no fault of their own.

The Hungry little undead tots are orphaned because public reaction is lead by overused Hollywood stereotypes. Most adult Zombies are able to operate adequately within society, unfortunately, when people see zombies they push the panic button and bash their heads in with shovels. The calamitous result: orphaned Zombaby epidemic.

If you desire the emotionally fulfilling companionship of someone who will love you for your brains, please, consider adopting a Zombaby. By doing so you join thousands of other people around the world who have opened up their hearts and homes and are doing their part to help alleviate the orphaned zombaby epidemic.
Please help re-home these second-class citizens!

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