Monday, March 14, 2011

Ape at Transworld

Ape and Zombie, sharing scaring tips
So there's this zombie, right? :oD Seriously, I have a fun story to tell about this guy later. If anyone who was at Transworld and follows my blog can tell me who this is, I'd appreciate it! I'd love for him to see some of the pics I have of him.

More Ape at Transworld pics. Be Chris Aype's friend on Facebook. It's not more ridiculous than being friends with people you've never even messaged...


  1. He works at The Asylum Haunted House in Denver.

  2. Thanks, Chad!

    Dean, Transworld was fantastic. I got to connect with some folks who I had only gotten to meet online so far, plus all the stuff was so cool. You would have been really proud of Brent Ross, too. His display was amazing!


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