Thursday, March 24, 2011

In the Name of Research

I've been researching and compiling information for my next Charmed Pot segment on Hauntcast, and ran across this interesting video. Be warned: this video depicts dead people in various states of decay!
Click on the pic to watch.


  1. Very cool photos. I use "death photos" like that when I decorate for Halloween. I sprinkle the framed pictures (usually in small frames) throughout the house -- on the mantle, next to the couch, on shelves, just as you would regular photos.

    During our annual Halloween party, I invariably get people exclaiming about the dead people in the photos. Seems they figured they were just regular pictures, until they actually looked closely at them. Then they're running around to all the other frames to check them out.

    Such pictures are creepy however.


  2. Ahh, interesting, right up my alley. Isn't it amazing how well preserved they are. In the U.S. embalming really took off with the Civil War. Certain times of the year in our dry climate in SW Idhao, people start to mummify right away. I'll be eagerly waiting to her your segment. Will it be about Victorian era views of death? Things have changed a lot since then.


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