Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Wow! What an Amazing Week! (And It's Not Over, Yet!)

To say that I'm excited today is possibly the understatement of the year. So far, anyway.

I submitted my "Manitou" piece to the Lincoln Arts and Culture Foundation for their annual ceramics show, "Feats of Clay."  Here's the writeup:
Lincoln Arts and Culture Foundation will present its twenty-fourth annual juried competition of ceramic works April 23 - May 29, 2011 featuring artists residing or working in the United States, Mexico & Canada. This celebratory exhibition of contemporary ceramic art (sculptural, non-functional, functional) will be held on the property of the renowned Gladding, McBean Terra Cotta Factory, and displayed inside an original 35-foot beehive kiln and in the historic architectural design studio. Access to the exhibit is by tour only.
Placer County's "most unique event," Feats of Clay, brings together the best of contemporary ceramic art displayed in the historic Gladding McBean terra cotta factory. The competition has become one of the most important shows in the nation. A winning entry - or even a piece displayed in the hotly contested (over 1,000 entries are received yearly) show - is an impressive addition to any artists' resume.

I really didn't expect anything of it. After all, I have heard from reliable sources that all sorts of professionals submit for this show without ever being accepted. Considering this was my first year to submit, and the piece is relatively small, and the fact that I still don't consider myself to be a professional- I seriously did not expect to have my work accepted.

I got the phone call yesterday!

Yes, there was as much shouting, screaming, and jumping up and down as when my piece went into the Crocker Art Museum. Even more so, since my piece wasn't part of a student show. I am really stunned, amazed, and stoked! Wheee!

(Big, gooshy thanks to my benefactor and husband, Mr. ShellHawk, for not only being supportive, but essentially bankrolling my artistic endeavors! *kisses*)

And the week isn't even done! I still have Transworld to hit with the Hauntcast crew this weekend! I'll be speaking in exclamation points for a long time! Yay!

O.K. Seriously. I'll try to post some fun from Transworld! (Crap, the exclamation point snuck in again! ;o))


  1. CONGRATULATIONS!!!! You should be proud of yourself Shell!


  2. Holy moley- congratulations!! Best of luck, not that you need it or anything! ;)

  3. What wonderful news. Congratulations!

  4. Thanks, All! I'm still walking on air!

  5. HUGE congrats.
    Such cool news...

  6. Congrats Shelley!! That piece and you certainly deserve all the recognition you can get.

  7. Congratulations, that's really great!

  8. Fantastic!! I could not be happier to see you get the recognition you deserve. Your journey is an inspiration to us all.

    Congrats my friend!


  9. wow! congrats! that is just's a great piece and now many more folks will be able to see it!


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