Sunday, March 6, 2011

Pre-Order the Home Haunter DVD Collection

In case you haven't heard, the Home Haunter DVD Collection is now available for pre-order.

Jeff and Chris Davis of Davis Graveyard were gracious to take over this project from Paul "Propmaster" Venturella when he was no longer able to continue handling the project himself, so that we, the Home Haunter Community, could see each other's haunts. I have to say, I really love that there is a collection like this, since:
1) We are all working on Halloween night and can't make it to see everyone's haunts.
2) The travel expenses would kill us.
3) We would have to have the super powers of Santa Claus, to see all the haunts in one night. Not happening for me anytime soon. Anyone else?
4) Lacking Santa's powers, we would have to fold space and time to see all the haunts, which is also a talent I currently lack. I am working on it, however.

So please, support this unique collection by pre-ordering your copy today. You will have hours of home haunt yummy goodness to keep you inspired!

1 comment:

  1. Thanks for the mention! The set looks great and we should start shipping in a few weeks!!



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