Sunday, March 20, 2011

Puppy Shower 2011

I know all the guys who read my blog are about to execute a huge yawn and move right on to the Hearse Ning Page they've been meaning to post on, but, well, that's o.k. We girls can rub shoulders and babble about how cute and charming everything at the Puppy Shower was. Tthhpt! to you boys!
Neighbor Jeanette really went all out to organize this, in spite of her own busy schedule. Those who were able to make it, made it a really fun time. (And we all know a puppy shower is just a great excuse to get together with the girls and drink lots of good wine!)

Jeanette set up a beautiful table!

I have no idea where she found the dog bone candies, but aren't they cute on the cupcakes?

Most of the goodies were served in little dog dishes, a nice, creative touch!

Mini-hot dogs and sliders, along with a nice sun-dried tomato pesto dip, made up a part of the eats. I really loved the plates and the napkins she found, too!

Neighbor V was in charge of the games. We had a race to see who could finish the dog word-search first so we could win a prize. There was a dog trivia contest-do you know who the first dog in the dog hall of fame is without checking?-to win some gourmet chocolates. (CalHaunter Stacy won those, and was gracious enough to share!)

Neighbor V with bone-shaped animal crackers-we had to guess how many were in
the jar for the big win of wine-themed chocolates.

Dog toy or marital aid, we wondered...

Stacy, Jeanette and Leena, sharing a glass of wine.

Even Jack, neighbor dog, joined in the fun, along with neighbor V's son.

 So great to have friends to toast the new Hellhound's imminent arrival. Now, if only we had confirmation that the dam is pregnant! Another week or two to wait before that news comes!


  1. Aw! Looks like it was a super cute and fun day! (hope I wasn't one of the non-RSVPers since I didnt hear anything!)

  2. You were on the list-maybe the eVite went into the spam folder.

  3. A puppy shower--what a great idea! The dog bowls and bone items--how clever your neighbor is. I wish this would catch on in the workplace--having attended countless baby showers there, a puppy shower could even up the score a little.


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