Friday, October 7, 2011

Hallowe'en Finds

 One of the nifty things about being up at Jack Russell is there are other vendors who are also artists.

One of them is a glass blower, who actually does live glass blowing demos. I had a moment of quiet at my booth, and wandered over to where he was working away and scanned over the many pieces he had on display. He made some gorgeous goblets that had me thinking about vintage vaseline glass, in addition to a number of other pretty, shiny things. I was actually really impressed with what he'd made, and once again wished I could get into glass blowing (and iron work, too), but one more thing on my plate is simply not an option!

Then something caught my eye.

SCORE! Spider apothecary jar! Fill with plastic spiders and life is good, baby! I asked him to set it aside for me until I made a few sales and could pay him for it. Doesn't it look fantastic? I can't wait to see how it looks in my setup.

Another find were these fun drink charms. I never seem to have enough of these at any time, so when I found them on tartx's Etsy store, and found they were Hallowe'en and Dia de los Muertos themed, I had to have them!

They came quickly and are fairly reasonably priced, I have to say that these pictures don't really do them justice. They're much nicer in person!

These are really going to make a splash at my annual Hallowe'en party.

Oh, and while we're somewhat on the topic of drinks, I had a drink testing get together with the girls last week, and discovered that the Black Lagoon Cocktail from Martha Stewart's site is just fantastic. It does take some prep work beforehand, but it is so worth it. I'm going to have to start making the ice cubes for the party here pretty soon, just so I know I have enough. One of my neighbors has been kind enough to give me some extra ice cube trays; who has those anymore, with built-in ice makers so available? I love the effect the melting of the black ice cubes gives the drinks, and the whole concoction is really tasty. I'm glad BevMo and Costco are close by, that's for sure!

Cocktails, anyone?

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  1. Great find on the jar! Love festivals this time of year for great stuff like this. Grats on the finds.


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