Monday, October 17, 2011

The Tell-Tale Heart

It was one of my very first exposures to Edgar Allen Poe; The Tell-Tale Heart. Of course, when you're a child, you're probably not able to grasp why the narrator is a madman, or the graceful nuances of storytelling Poe used. You may even be tempted to sort of agree with the narrator, for a bit, because he sounds so reasonable.

At first. And then, the heartbeat, and the murder.
I've made a playlist of several different interpretations of this chilling tale, and one musical interpretation of which I'm fond. I hope you enjoy them! Click on the pic to watch...


  1. I had a Halloween record when I was younger that had this tale on it. Thanks for bringing back memories to me.

  2. Just wonderful. Thanks Shell. And thanks Mr. Poe.

  3. My personal favorite adaptation of The Tell Tale heart, comes from the cheapo "Nightmare" LP, performed by Richard Taylor.

    To be found here, I should probably make a video though huh?


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