Thursday, October 13, 2011

"You're the Caretaker, Mr. Ape. You've Always Been the Caretaker."

Big thanks to Patrick Nottingham! Ape is very pleased! (He says the next best thing would have been having Jack Torrance snuggling him, but this was great, too!)

Chris Aype's Facebook page.


  1. Man - so I invent time/space/dimensional travel - the Doctor makes that stuff look easy - trust me it ain't - go to an alternate dimension where the Overlook is real after stealing your beastie. Then I show him one heck of a time after subduing Jack Torrence and stealing his clothes (it was a black tie affair after all and we needed the tuxes), snap a photo, and zip on back and you ain't satisfied? Well, okey dokey then - here's another alt history

  2. You know how hard it is to satisfy this new generation of Apes!

    Fantastic job, Patrick! LOVE it!

    Ape says he loves you, too. (I'd be careful though. He's very fickle!


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