Thursday, October 6, 2011

It's the Little Things

There's been a sort of perpetual motion vibe going on here at the Nest for awhile. Going to school and teaching, making and selling things, plus training a new puppy and all the housewifely chores and trying to see the wonderful Mr. ShellHawk every so often (and seeing to his care and feeding when I can) has made for nearly no new additions to the haunt this year.

One thing I did manage to do was collect a few jars and bottles to add to the apothecary this year.
I've been collecting them over the last year, and have found that, in general, tequila bottles seem to have the more interesting shapes and have the bonus of using old-school looking corks. One unusual bottle I found was 360 Vodka, and the top was similar to the old-style mason jars.
Damn French Desserts label on the left, Dead Spider's on the right.
I used labels from Damn French Desserts and from Dead Spider, both of whom have really wonderful antiqued labels to offer. I really like the fonts they have chosen, and the fact their labels have a very clean, uncluttered look to them while still maintaining a nice level of realism.
Below is a re-purposed bottle of Petron tequila, awaiting its makeover.

Now all I have to do is figure out what to fill them with!


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