Monday, October 24, 2011

The Last Jacks

Friday morning, I opened the kiln to the last jack-o'-lanterns (and one last plate) of 2011. I really had been pushing hard to get these finished in time for this last weekend up at Jack Russell Brewery, as one of them had been made with someone special in mind.

No fancy pics, really, as I literally haven't had time to take them. (I should also be working on my Power Point presentation for the Rotary Club speech I'm doing on Thursday morning, but we'll let that slide for five minutes.
The booth looked really nice this year. The banner shows up really well on my new tent. (Thanks to Guy of House Bloodthorn for another great design job on that banner!) This pic was taken Friday, before Stacy of Necrotic Creations came up with her nifty wares.
I do have to say that as a seller, while it's gratifying to hear how cute or original things are, it's more gratifying when they go home with someone! There are a couple of pieces I have that have been handled a lot, oohed and aahhed over, but put down, and they weren't high-end pieces, either.
Be that as it may, there was one very satisfied customer that came through the ol' booth yesterday. She's the owner's daughter, and I made this Jack especially as a gift for her. I know she'll keep it forever!
Clay: $10.00. Glaze: $20.00. Time spent making, firing (two seven hour cycles) and glazing: eighteen hours.

Making a Jack Skelington fan happy: priceless.

If you decide you need anything last minute from ShellHawk's Creations, use coupon code LASTJACKS2011 at checkout for a 10% discount.

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  1. Did the crow/raven plate sell? I went looking for it on the etsy. :::grabby hands:::

  2. Yes, the Raven plate sold Friday night to a friend who came over for cocktails. (Another great reason to move into my neighborhood: cocktails and pre-sales!;o))

  3. I vote you make more of that plate next year. : )

  4. Rats. I love all your work but that one called to me. Maybe next year. :o )

  5. Yes, all your work is great, but i LUUUUUURRRVE the plates!!!


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