Tuesday, March 6, 2012

News From the Nest

Lots of little changes going on around here, aside from the Hauntcast Resurrection thing that's going on.

First, Sam is nearly a year old. His birthday, funny enough, is in April; the same day as Revenant's. He's gone from this:
Sam at one week old
Sam at eight weeks
to this 80+ pound puppy:
Sam is now very interested in bathtubs, as long as he doesn't need a bath.
Wow, did he grow fast, and he still has another six months or so of growth to go. The funny thing is, he's small for a male (like his dad), but is now taller than our female. Smart and handsome, too. I just can't believe that at this time last year, we were crossing our fingers that we'd have the pup of our dreams!

I've finally kicked the virus from Hell enough to get back to the gym. (The cough is lingering, but is now only visiting first thing in the morning and last thing in the evening.) Pensive Pumpkin has inspired me to get moving again, and of course, the puppy needs to get out, too. As I regain my wind and muscle tone, we'll be doing longer walks/runs. That's the plan, anyway. Summer is coming, after all, and I'm vain enough to care what I look like in a bathing suit!

At the gym yesterday, I noticed one lady on the treadmill as I was coming up the stairs and turning the corner. She was pumping her arms really hard as she was walking, had big hair and weighed maybe 100 pounds, at most. She may have been about 5' 5", give or take. I had to choke back a giggle, because the image that struck me was that of an angry lollipop. Tiny little body, biiiiig head. I wanted to whisper, "For God's sake, lady, eat something!" as I went by, but I managed to refrain.

That, by the way, will never be me. I'd have to cut my calorie intake to 500 per day, and that is simply not going to happen, because it's insanity!

My kiln is full and firing right now, and I've been getting a few things finished up from last year's Hallowe'en season, like these mini jacks:
I also made the first two jacks of the year:
So I'd have to say, I'm feeling reasonably productive! Here's to a bunch more, right?


  1. aww...your baby is a real cutie!!! a year old already...geez...

  2. You can never post too many puppy pictures.



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