Saturday, March 3, 2012

Revenant Speaks, Terra's Props THREATENED! :oO

After a long silence, Revenant speaks on the topic of the Resurrection:

If that weren't enough to convince you, Terra Lair, haunter extraordinaire, and maker of that wonderful "Beloved" tombstone, has had her props stolen and held for ransom!

Please! Save Terra's props before those madmen destroy something else! Blog, Facebook, Tweet and whatever else for people to subscribe!

We have 86 more subscribers to go to get to our subscription goal of 250 before March 8. That's this coming Thursday. 

If you know of a haunter who was a fan of Hauntcast, consider giving them a call or an email and asking them to subscribe. If you know someone who is having a hard financial time or a birthday, this would make an excellent gift for him or her!

All subscribers have a one in six chance of winning a prize of disgustingly amazing magnitude: the Juneau Studios Lizzy Borden Mirror, the Mini-Spots $500 spotlight package, the Necrotic Studios Skeleton Cameos, tickets to West Coast Haunters, HauntCon or National Haunters Convention, a custom jack-o'-lantern made for you by Stolloween, 50% off the Skeleton Store and so much else.

Paypal has extended its Bill Me Later promotion of interest-free payments through the end of April. If it's the first time you've used Bill Me Later, you can get $5 off your first purchase of $100 and get your subscription for $95. If you win just one DVD, valued at $70, you just got your subscription for $30. Subscribe to Hauntcast here.

And did I mention you have a one in six chance of winning? :oD

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