Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Shopping for WCHC

I've got the official go-ahead from Mr. ShellHawk to go to West Coast Haunters Convention this year to represent Hauntcast and to bring some of my Hallowe'en ceramics along to sell. Of course, many of you ladies realize this is a fine opportunity to shop for new things, especially because I'm going as a "public figure" (insert raucous laughter here). I mean, I can't just show up in any old thing, now, can I? I'd disappoint my adoring fans! (At WCHC, I believe that's the Davises and possibly the Bloodshed Brothers... :oD)

So I've been trolling the 'net for some fun stuff to wear, mostly because my Hauntcast t-shirt makes me look like a frumpy housewife because it's made for boys. Since I'm losing weight, it'll look even more tent-like by the time June rolls around. I do plan to take the t-shirt over to my local alterations place to have it taken in, but I still can't miss out on the retail therapy I get to indulge in, right?

Take these wonderful pumps, for instance:
These are all kind of costume ball fabulous-ness, aren't they? You can pick them up on sale at Starlets and Harlots. If you like boots, you can find the same basic design at Sinister Soles:
If you prefer a little color and a touch of Steampunk, you might like these Metropolis: Ripley shoes:
Of course, you can't have the heels without the dress:
Though I love the dress, it's a little spendy for me right now. *sigh* Maybe this one is a bit more in my league:
I couldn't get a pic of this dress from Pinup Girl Clothing, but you'll see why I think I should have it.  I would get something like this for evening, but I'm having an attack of the over-40-insecurity and I don't want to embarrass myself!

Oh, well. There's plenty of time to decide, right? And another ten or twenty pounds, too...


  1. I LOVE the boots! But I love the Metropolis heels even more -- anything named Ripley is going to get my vote!

  2. Wow, and all I'm packing for Hauntcon istwo hoodies, a tshirt, a pair of shorts, flip flops and my Chucks. Go figger.

  3. J.T., it's just so much easier being a guy, sometimes. Plus, it's an excuse to get some new fun clothes...

  4. 20 more lbs?! Are you trying to disappear, Shell? You know in order to look really good in those dresses, you need to keep some voluptuous curves going on! :)

  5. MM: Thanks for saying so. :o) I just would like to be solidly back in a size 8. That would let me keep some curves with out the annoying blubbery jiggling. 6 would be good, but I'll be happy with an 8. Not huffing and puffing when I run up stairs would be great, too!


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