Sunday, August 29, 2021

Today's the Day!

After all this waiting, today is the day I take a couple of my mugs into the ceramics studio to get the FINAL glaze test. Yes, I know I should be using test tiles instead of the actual mugs. I'm suicidally optimistic, though, and am planning for the long-awaited victory I so richly deserve!

Failure, of course, will result in tears and a glass or two of my special-occasion Bushmills. There may even be screaming and cursing. You never know.

My mailing list has grown largely due to these cups, and my focus is to make them the best they can possibly be for the fandom. If this test fails, many have said they'll buy the ^6 (that's cone 6, or 2320° F), even if there's a little pitting. They sounded shocked that I'd toss the whole lot in the trash, and I suppose they're right! But I'm glad they seem to still want them, as it will help to offset the cost of glazes and other materials. I don't think I'll actually be able to show a profit this year, but I'm surely going to try!

Meanwhile, I have a ton of "regular" ceramics to go into the ^10 (2345° F) firing. Some will be in oxidation, some will be in reduction. After this firing, I'll stick to ^6 for my stoneware for a while, until I can afford to pay for a couple of good reduction firings of some porcelain, which I'd like to expand to in the next few years.

Well, time to pack up the car! Wish me luck, y'all!


  1. Here's wishing you luck. Nobody has worked as hard as you so you deserve it.

    1. You are such a darling to say so! THe challenge continues!


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