Monday, March 16, 2009

Cemetery in Black and White

An offering from Dead Man's Party Films:

I love the old school countdown numbers at the start of the video. Moody and dark, too. Nice stuff!

There was an old, forgotten cemetery in the Burbank hills. A friend dragged me there quite a number of years ago, on a summer afternoon. It was hard to get to: up a skinny, twisting road. When we got out of the car, the caretakers looked at us a little funny (I'm pretty sure it was a family who lived on the property), but they didn't bother us. The place was weedy and it was obvious the caretakers weren't doing their job well at all. Due to heavy rains, evidence of heavy erosion was everywhere. I remember having to walk very carefully through the graves, as sinkholes were all over the place.

Through one or two, we could actually see the caskets.

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