Sunday, March 22, 2009

How Many is Too Many?


So I've just joined Twitter. And I wonder whatever possessed me to do so.

Since then, I've been ruminating over the vagaries of the internet and its hypnotic ability to draw us into its sticky Web pages. I took a mental inventory of the sites I'm a member of:, for my knitter's soul. and

And of course, my Blogger account here. I also check in with a number of blogs almost daily: Pumpkinrot, Ghoulie Girls, My Ghoul Friday, Arana Muerta, Creepy Cupcakes, Dave Lowe's Design blof and his Para Abnormal comic, Spooky Blue's site and blog, Grim Hollow Haunt, Haunt Style, House Bloodthorn, Mr. Macabre, Season of Shadows, The Gallows, Necropolis Manor, Nickols Manor, Stolloween, The Art of Darkness, The Obscure Hollow, and probably a couple others I've forgotten to mention. I'm part of the mailing list for CalHaunts NorCal and Garage of Evil. There are places I shop for art supplies, and books. There are sites I use to research for my blog posts. And honestly, I really can't maintain a prescence on all the sites I've joined, much as I'd like to. It just isn't possible. Little thing called living life, instead of watching other people live theirs.

So I'm left wondering why I joined Twitter. And to top it, I'm further cluttering the net by starting my own website at http:// It's at the very basic stage right now, but I have plans to build it as more projects get done, add some how-tos, and let folks know when I have items for sale.

I must be insane.


  1. I know what you mean. Twitter was a "tipping point" for me. I was considering it and decided to hold off (at least for a while) and I've cut my Internet time significantly as well. It had gotten to the point that I was spending more time on-line than in "real" life. Tough habit to break though :)

  2. Insane is good. I like insane, those are my favorite type of people. Great website by the way! Keep up the fantastic work.

  3. It's amazing how many things we have to check, post to, log into, and so on, isn't it? Crazy.

    Glad to hear about your website... I'm adding that to my list to keep checking into, and adding it to YOUR list of post to.

    Ah, there. That feels just that much better! :)


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