Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Watch This, Not This or, Speed Reviews

Since my craft table is still parked in front of the t.v. in my living room (thank you Mr. ShellHawk for not complaining about the mess too much) due to the cold temperatures in the Garage of Doom, it's been rental season again. The local Blockbuster is only a few blocks away, and they have a decent horror section.

So, a few speed reviews for you...

Boy Eats Girl. A high school boy is accidentally helped by his mom to commit suicide after seeing the girl of his dreams with another boy. She then brings him back with a pagan ritual. She screws up a pretty important part, and he comes back as a flesh-eating zombie.

If you're an old-school, shambling zombie kind of person, this isn't your film. These zombies are track stars. Some wit, some fun, some gore. Still couldn't get past the track star thing. Worth a rental, though.

Most of you have probably already heard of the 8 Films To Die For series:

It's sort of hit and miss with this series. Sometimes you get a good horror flick, sometimes you don't.

Tooth and Nail has a decent premise. The world runs out of gas. Breakdown of society in a very short time. People going south to survive, lawlessness taking a horrifying twist, etc. The twist? Some folks turn cannibal because there's no more food being grown.

Good in theory, not so great on screen. Filming it in an old abandoned hospital, home of many creepy nightmares, didn't help it as much as I think they hoped. Don't bother.

Crazy Eights also had the abandoned hospital thing going on. Some good points, some bad. Worth a rental.Told you this was a speed review!

Then I got to the really good movie, the one I'd been saving like the last piece of Chocolate Morte cake: George Romero's Diary of the Dead.

Loved it. Hard to say who was more ghoulish: the film student insistent on filming everything, or the ghouls themselves. I thought this was a great update of an old friend. Rent this one when you can.

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