Friday, March 27, 2009

Dark Chicago

For our Midwestern friends, I have this offering today: Chicago Horror. In browsing the site, I was really pleased to see that they update their content throughout the year. You can plan for the "Retro Zombie Tiki Terror" event on May 24, in Des Plains, or eagerly await Lance Henricksen's arrival at Flashback Weekend on October 23-25. There is a calendar of events for you to browse through, a link to Chicago Vampires and Chicago Zombie, as well as a Chicago Horror links page.The site is easy to navigate and has a nice photo gallery.

Other news today: Hauntcast has a new episode to listen to. Fellow haunter and inspirational prop builder Spookyblue has a new blog post and has posted his how-to page about how he built his latest Brigand. Spookyblue is one of the reasons I started to build props, and he has a bunch of cool projects to build on his site.

Most horrifying news: I turned forty-one today. Gad.


  1. I thought your birthday was the 29th! Darn it. Well HAPPY BELATED b-day! I hope you had a wonderful day.

    I commented on my blog that it all makes sense now: only an impulsively courageous Aries would have went for that kiln and ceramics deal so quickly!

  2. Thanks, Ghoul! It's been surprising how many people I know who used to do ceramics and are going to come play in the clay!

  3. That was cool. You from the Chicago area?

  4. Hi, Mark,
    I'm not from Chicago, but my husband is and still has family there. I also have several Halloween builders I know that are sort of in the vicinity...
    Glad you liked the post!


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