Monday, March 9, 2009

Pumkin Carving to the 3rd Power

Halloween and pumpkins go hand and hand. Last year, I grew a pumpkin patch in my front yard (much to Mr. ShellHawk's dismay) to add to the ambiance. Sadly I planted too late to have any pumpkins ready for the big night, though I did stick a few store-bought ones around. (This year, though, I am prepared!)

In my quest for the 411 on growing pumpkins, I stumbled
on a group of enthusiastic gardeners, a pumpkin-growing elite. These are the men and women who grow really big pumpkins.

Like, 900lbs big.

And where there are monster pumpkins, there are those who carve them.

Maybe one day, it'll be me carving one of those big boys! And for those of you who want to know the best technique to keep your pumpkins from going fuzzy before their time, go to My Science Project. It looks like they have the definitive answer!

Anyhoo, you can get certified organic pumpkin seeds from Seeds of Change. I like the Howden pum
pkins they carry. You can also get tips on how to grow the Atlantic Giant Pumpkins here. You can get growing and general info about pumpkins at the Pumpkin Nook, or The Pumpkin Patch. If you order some seeds now, you can have them by late April or early May, in time to start growing your Atlantic Giant!

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