Tuesday, August 10, 2010

The Dog Ate My Homework

Mr. ShellHawk and I got back from vacation late Saturday, so Sunday I headed for my studio. I managed to get a couple of pots thrown, and wandered inside for a power nap around 2:30p.m. or so. When I got up, I didn't feel like throwing, so I grabbed a lump of clay from my slop bucket and sat down at the coffee table to make a couple of mini-pumpkins. After catching up on "Trueblood," it was time for bed. I left my pumpkins and sculpting tools on the coffee table.

Yesterday was a busy day, as it was the first "working day" back from vacation. I had Sam Pumking's prize to mail out yard work to do, a fishbowl to clean, etc., and I pretty much jumped into the day when I got up. I didn't worry about the stuff on the coffee table because I knew I'd get to it around dinnertime.

By the time I got finished with chores and washed all the leaves and spiderwebs out of my hair, Mr. ShellHawk was home from work. I headed over to the coffee table so I could put my new pumpkins to dry out in the studio.

They weren't there.

I knew they weren't out in the studio; I hadn't put them out there and forgotten I'd put them out there... So where were they?

I've got a German Shepherd with the classic long Shepherd tail, so I thought maybe she'd tromped by the table and accidentally swept them off. I went looking for them. I checked under the table, under the couch, under the entertainment center.


It was a head-scratcher. Then I found these fragments, including a tiny little stem. (I know they look more like dog kibble, but really, they used to be pumpkins!)
The only conclusion I could come to was that one of the dogs had eaten the pumpkins, even though they're both older and haven't stolen anything off the coffee table in years.

I made their replacements, plus a larger Christmas ornament last night. After all, it's only clay.

But I will be picking up after the dogs today, and will keep an eye out for anything unusual...


  1. Not sure whether to laugh or cry over this post.

    Maybe you have an Underbiter and they were jealous of your new creations, or thought they were a new enemy.

    Hopefully the dogs don't get sick if they DID eat them.

  2. Oh no! I do believe I am laughing and crying at the same time. Poor thing!

    I also hope the dogs are okay....those cannot be good for them.

    Here is to the next batch.


  3. No worries! The dogs are fine. It's water-based clay, so it's really no more toxic than dirt.

    I'm still baffled, though...


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