Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Pumpkin Progress

Being gone for ten days has its plusses and its minuses. The plus side: the dogs are fat and happy. The minus side: the plants never get watered properly. One of my fuschias was D.O.A., and a few others were gasping for water. My pumpkins even looked a bit beat-up, but fortunately survived. Above, they're going through their over 90-degrees wilt.

I admit to disappointment, like Linus in his perpetual quest for the most sincere pumpkin patch to lure a visit from The Great Pumpkin. I don't have as many pumpkins-in-training as I had hoped (which has nothing to do with the house-sitter!). I have two, plus-at long last!-my Wyatt's Wonder finally has a female that seems to be on its way to maturity. I gave them all some more bat guano when I got back, so maybe they'll be a little happier. I may still have to re-think the whole tent-and-ice idea. So much for my "benign neglect" gardening theory!

Below: hey! Color! The pumpkins aren't very big, but I'll take what I can get!
Perhaps I can find a way to be more sincere about my pumpkin patch. O Great Pumpkin! Where are you?


  1. I have so given up on growing pumpkins, mine make gorgeous foliage and blooms and then everything rots off.

    That one looks beautiful!

  2. Yeah to the orange!

    Just to be safe, might want to keep the dogs away from them. :D


  3. I have one going that looks like a little watermelon. I have 26 plants, and one pumpkin so far so don't feel so bad, yours look great.

  4. Impressive! They look very sincere to me :)


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