Sunday, August 29, 2010

Hauntcast 21

Up and running with a new month of Halloween and prop coolness especially for crunch time! Click on da pic to get to the HC home page!


  1. Nice segment about 70s (vintage?) costumes. I myself wore a Ben Cooper Star Wars costume when I was a kid and fondly remember getting a sweaty face behind the cheap-o mask. I think Mr. Baker even wore a Ben Cooper SW costume (check out the Hauntcast YouTube channel!). I would've like to hear more about the popular trends in costumes from the 60s to today.

  2. Great show as always my dear. So are there two of you, cause I just do not know where you find the time to be as fabulous as you are. :)


  3. Thanks to you both!
    FQ-I am plainly insane to keep myself this busy, and I'll be busier in late September.

    What was I thinking? :o)


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