Friday, September 16, 2011

The Haunted Gallery

If you follow Pumpkinrot's blog, you've undoubtedly seen the fantastic new offering in our Hallowe'en blog world: The Haunted Gallery.

The Haunted Gallery is a lovely collection of themed soundscapes and, well, haunting goodness. Meat and potatoes for we haunt folk, you know?

He writes them himself and is kind enough to share them with us through YouTube. (I created this playlist of Haunted Atmospheres on YouTube. Hit "play all," so you can hear them uninterrupted.) 

He said he created these soundscapes because a lot of Hallowe'en themed cds out there were a random collection of scary noises, and after listening to more than a few for my haunt, I have to agree with him. His soundscapes are beautifully themed, and contain thoughtful layers and textures that are lacking in ninety-nine percent of all the commercially available haunted house soundtracks. They take me back to the days when I listed to my haunted goodness on LPs on my kiddie record player; I am spoiled on these for the rest of my days!

Thanks, Rot, for discovering this for us!

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