Friday, September 23, 2011

Minor Updates

Last week, I headed up to Jack Russell Farm Brewery to begin setup of my booth, with intentions to park my butt in my chair and sell my stuff that weekend. When I got there, the owner told me not to bother, because not enough people were coming up for the Apple Hill season quite yet. He told me to come up this weekend, and gave me some updates on what was going on around there. (Very happy to hear that flying things and free-range children will not be tolerated this year! They both tend to break fragile things...)

So today is the day I head up to get set up. Hopefully, it will be worth it! 

Also, here's a question for your consideration, and I'd love to have your feedback: you've seen a few of the pictures from the new bunch of pumpkins I've made this year. Would it be worth it to get some prints made of those and sell them like I do this one and this one? The pic above is one I'm considering, as well as these, below:
Or perhaps make some greeting cards? 

Hmmm... Love to get some input from y'all!


  1. Those are beautiful. No matter what they adorned, it is sure to be a sale out. They are very old school!

  2. I like the second photo with the reflection off the wood floor or is that a table..not sure if it would be worth it depends on what kind of reproductions and the cost. You would know best if they will sell but all three are great photos.

  3. In my opinion, I think photos would sell pretty well. People like buying pictures of things,places,etc. Like Mark said, it all depends what the cost it would be for you....

  4. YES! Absolutely prints and greeting cards. I'd buy a set of cards with images of these wonderful jacks.


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