Wednesday, September 14, 2011

New at ShellHawk's Creations

Mother wants you to buy this plate for her...
Headless Horseman bowl, Haunted House Plate, and Bates Motel Plate are all available at ShellHawk's Creations on Etsy.

Please note that since I am opening up my booth at Jack Russell Farm Brewery this weekend, I'll be pulling all items out of the Etsy store on weekends to avoid potentially selling the exact same item twice. Available items will be posted on Sunday evenings or Monday mornings until further notice. That means you should do your shopping on weekdays, if you can, because when people see my things in person, they sell!)


  1. Love them all I can see why they will sell out!

  2. Possibly the worst time in the world for me to not have money....I so want these!!

    Your work just gets better and better.....I am so honored that you have us along for the ride.

    Very proud of you my friend.


  3. Good luck this weekend! Have a great time. Love the Bates Motel plate ;)


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