Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Pigors+Aerfish=Monsterpieces App!

If you just can't stand having to take a break from creating monsters in your secret laboratory while say, picking up the kids from soccer practice, there's an app for you!
From the app description: 

DESIGN MILLIONS -- maybe billions -- of unique monsters... each one uglier than the others!FEATURING ARTWORK by world-famous monster artist Eric Pigors, of "ToxicToons" fame, Monsterpieces lets you assemble horribly fiendish faces... using pieces you've carefully chosen from several bubbling vats, each filled to the brim with disgusting tidbits Eric picked up from God-knows-where, or off whom.SLAP TOGETHER the ugliest imaginable freak, FacesnoBGthen make an even uglier sister for it. Like it? Name it! Then save it, either to your own private gallery of Mon-sterpieces, or share it with the world via Facebook, email, Twitter, etc. Let the world know how proud you are of yourhandiwork!AS IF THAT WEREN'T ENOUGH, we've also supplied the perfect background music to accompany your new hobby: a sinister-sounding song by the legendary surf-rock band "Los Straitjackets!" So when you need to take a break from monster-making...DO THE TWIST!!
If you're interested in purchasing the Monsterpices app, there's a special code just for you that will be valid for the next four weeks only: PWMAXWXHNR6H

Have fun creating your creatures, kids! And be careful of villagers with torches and pitchforks!

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