Tuesday, September 6, 2011

New Giveaway to Kick off the Season of Panic!

ShellHawks Nest blog is happy to announce a wonderful giveaway!

Etsy seller Damn French Desserts is a unique shop. From their own lips to your ear:

Chartered in Madrid, Damn French Desserts is Purveyor of Exquisite Knick Knack. Our unique pieces of This and That contain obscure victorian ephemera and dark surrealism, always with a considerably amount of sense of humor.


Customized, personalized and handmade stationery creations such as cards, notecards, invitations (weddings, birthdays, parties, funerals, special occasions), tags, labels, little books, vintage looking little games and gifts for people with an endless wicked good taste but limited budget.

Our works are printed in artistic italian paper -300 grs/m2- with a rich subtle texture that increases the beauty of the illustration. Hand made, hand cut, hand embossed one right after the other. Such a labour of love!


Due to our customers' demand, in Damn French Desserts we currently offer the possibility of purchasing our digital works for you to print our designs as many times as you want either in the copy center of your choice or in the comfort of your home. Easy or what??? In less than 24 hours you could receive your order in your mailbox , with a little something extra that we always love to add as a way to say thanks for your purchase.

We humbly invite you to lose yourselves in the subtle splendor of our handmade creations, diving into some of our most recent designs such as:


Halloween Tombstones Invitations:

Ornamented Skulls Halloween:

Happy Bloody Halloween:

A little Birdie Was Going to Tell You …

Please Accept this Bloody Invitation:

Come if Your Dare:

Tombstone Place Name Cards:

Highly Poisonous Apothecary Label Stickers Part 1

Highly Poisonous Apothecary Label Stickers Part 2

Highly Poisonous Apothecary Label Stickers Part 3


Fragile Handle with Care:

Skull Dance (cards/illustrations)

Lady Vanitree (cards/illustrations)

Do Not Disturb, Already Disturbed door knob hanger:

Dissecting Godiva (cards/illustrations)

Thanks for visiting our home in the net. Any questions, don't hesitate to ask. We usually don't bite ...

And come on, admit it ...You were dying to have one of these!

Le Craft Goddesses
 So what's the giveaway, you ask?

Damn French Desserts is giving away three sets of Apothecary Stickers to one lucky winner! These will look absolutely fabulous in your apothecary or witch's cottage, because they're aged by hand!

 I'll make winning simple. In the "comments" section, post what kind of items you would have in your apothecary. They don't have to be from the apothecary stickers, they could be something you just made up!

The winner will be randomly chosen on Tuesday, September 13th. Damn French Desserts will be shipping these hand-aged stickers directly to you, so be sure to mark the date on your calendar and check back for the announcement of the winner if you enter. If I don't hear back from you by the 15th, I'll pick another winner.

Good luck, kids!


  1. DFD's stuff looks great! My favorite 'apothecary' things are: giants toenails, vampire dust, ghost essence, powdered broken heart and wishful thinking. I made apothecary jars from empty candle jars and glass candleholders.

  2. Ooo! Cool!
    I could really use a vial of Bees' Knees. :P

  3. I'm loving DFD's shop! My own apothecary contains the "normal" lot: eye of newt, belladonna, graveyard dirt, bone dust, ethereal vapor...

  4. Great stuff! My favorite ghoulish goodies in my apothecary are coffin nails, liquified leeches, and pickled tapeworms. :)

  5. I could use some more Worms Wart and Frogs Breath.

  6. I just adore DFD's wonderful paper crafts!
    I don't have any of their gorgeous labels yet, but I do need to label my "Salamander Sphincters" as they look just like my bottle of "Dried Fairy Rings". Mixing those two up can really ruin a perfectly good brew.
    Thanks for offering such a great prize.

  7. A few creepy potions I've created in years past are: Squid Ink (blue & red food coloring added to liquid laundry soap), Truth Serum (corn syrup), Wolfbane (dryer lint), Spider Egg Sacs (cut off ends of qtips), Bruise Removal Paste ( vaseline with yellow food coloring), Flesh Reanimator (instant potato flakes), and Scarab Legs (grape stems painted black).

  8. Cool contest ... how about Squid Ink & Mermaid Hair

  9. Gorgeous stuff!!

    Hmm, let's see... right now my larder is stocked with Tincture of Tarantula, Condensed Bat Breath, Mouldering Mummies, and Petrified Serpent Tongues.


  10. I would have unicorn dust, fairy sprinkles, eye of newt and witches brew...


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