Thursday, September 1, 2011

In Other, Minor News-

My obsession with Hallowe'en continues to produce interesting results and opportunities.

The editor of the local paper, The Folsom Telegraph, is also a bit of a Hallowe'en person, and knows that I run my yard display to raise money for the Vista Del Lago High School art department here in town. He also happens to be a member of the Rotary Club of Historic Folsom. and that branch of the Rotary Club has taken on Vista High School as their project.

I went to a meeting last week and decided to give it a shot. After having between eight and twelve minutes on Hauntcast, and sometimes feeling limited because of time constraints, filling twenty minutes up with talking about Hallowe'en is going to be a snap! Mr. ShellHawk even says he'll help me with a Power Point presentation, which should really help to illustrate my points.

I'm hoping to get them to help run a haunted house for the school, if possible. The only challenge I see is that none of the officials at the school seem interested in raising the money, though they do complain about the cutbacks. Other than the one teacher I have contact with, who is excited about the idea and hopes to make it part of the school culture, there has been zero response, other than, "We're too busy."

Now, the one teacher I mentioned genuinely is too busy, as her mom is suffering from Alzheimer's and had some serious health setbacks over the summer, and she is the primary caregiver. But everyone else? I don't know, since I haven't received any responses. I'm baffled by this. I mean, if someone was volunteering to help you build a sustainable income, wouldn't you at least respond?

But I guess it comes back to supporting the arts for the kids, which is why I'm willing to tilt at this particular windmill.

Sancho, damn you! Bring me my lance!

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