Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Because, Walken

Because you really can't get enough cowbell, or Walken! Click on the pic for a dance-a-thon of epic proportions.
In other news, please remember the Oak Park Brewing Company's Kickstarter campaign still needs you! They're opening their doors in June, and they're going to share some amazing craft beer with everyone! Please throw them a few bucks if you can, as they're giving away some swag for those who donate at certain levels.
I'm really excited for them. Mr. ShellHawk and I went to see the space they've leased for the brewery, and it's such a great building! Built in 1925, brick, and it's going to have an industrial feel to it. Here are a few pics...
Brewer and awesome guy, Tom Karvonen, left, Bonnie Peterson,
brew gal, right
Lily, brew dog, far left.
Can you just see the big beautiful brew vats here?
Best thing ever: church pews from one of the Planet of the Apes movies!
  I can't wait for the place to open!

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