Sunday, March 2, 2014

One More Step

Right shoe by Jimmy Choo. Not.
Unscrewed and screwed, that's me!

I had my surgery to take the screw out of my right foot, which means that other than healing, I'm done with that and everything keeps getting better from here! We decided to have the other foot done at the same time, as we're heading for Ireland in June for our anniversary and wanted to be free of all hardware by that time so I can enjoy the trip.

I did manage to run a kiln load before going in for surgery, with mixed results. It turns out some gifts I was making will be pitched in the trash, as the glaze and clay bodies don't like each other, which caused bubbling and crackling. You can't have that in ware you use for food, as the glaze breaks off in the food and can cause serious medical problems. I'm sure part of the problem, still, is my kiln cooling too fast, but the main issue is the glaze and clay bodies not matching up properly. I went on the boards on the Ceramic Arts Daily website to get some advice on kiln shelves, which turned into a debate on which kiln would be best to buy. I'll debate it more, I'm sure, before I make my purchase! I figured it was only going to be torture if I bought it and then wasn't able to use it until after I'm healed from my latest surgery.

One of the other things I managed to get done before my surgery was to get some pics taken of some of my work, so I can start to re-populate my neglected Etsy store. I have bins of stuff sitting around, and since I can't go to any shows until later this year, it doesn't make sense for me to leave it to sit. So keep an eye out for new things! I'll be sending an email out to my past customers this week, as I get things posted.

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