Thursday, March 13, 2014

It's Been Good, So Far

It's been a good week, so far. I got my iTunes fixed, at last (only took six days, and really, "fixed" means, "I am about as done as I can be right now!") and updated my iPod for the first time since I got this laptop, a year or two ago. Yay!

I got my artist agreement for Halloween and Vine sent off, along with the check for the space. I also got my application sent in for Holiday N Vine, a new show run by the same folks as Halloween and Vine. (Fingers crossed!) I sent in my application to Scare LA, and received an almost immediate reply back from David Markland that he was happy I'd applied for the show. He even called me "legendary," which was an ego boost I really needed! (I told Mr. ShellHawk that he should avert his eyes and genuflect when speaking to me from now on, due to my "legendary" status. All I got was an eye roll.)
The best news of all, though, was the acceptance letter that came in the mail from America's ClayFest. I had applied last year, but was not accepted, so when the acceptance came, it felt like a triumph!
My entry, "The Most Interesting Jackalope in the World."
At last, a juror "got it." :)
Now, of course, I'm freaking out a little. I am limited in the amount of time I can spend in the studio, because I'm only out of my latest surgery for two weeks, today, and I have the possibility of three separate shows for which to prep! If I get into Scare LA, that will be two days of selling and simultaneously hoping I get cleaned out and that I don't get cleaned out, because after that will be Halloween and Vine, and I definitely will do well at that show!


But I always stress myself out, and somehow, everything gets done and turns out for the best. I sometimes have to rope a few folks in to help out, but it gets done! (Thank God for great friends!)

Ah, well. Off to see what I can do in the studio!

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