Wednesday, March 5, 2014

New in the Shop--Mostly Gone!

Before I went in for surgery, I took some time to take some pics of the things that had just come out of the last firing (the ones that survived, anyway!), because I knew I'd be stuck on the couch and have plenty of time to post them to the ShellHawk's Creations Etsy store. I even re-took some pics of a few things from late last year, as the pics I had weren't up to par.
I've been playing with new handle shapes and designs.
I kind of like this one, because it has a natural thumb rest.
Apparently, it's tough to find one-fingered mugs, for those who like them...
Manly mug, in a manly color, to drink coffee in a manly way.
I like how the red and ice blue flowed on this mug...
I'm starting to freehand designs, too.
So for the past couple of days, I've been posting the new pics to Etsy. I also sent out one of my rare newsletters (rare, because I hate to bombard people's email with yet another piece of senseless mail for them to open--I like to have something new to say and show before I send one!) to let folks on my mailing list know there were new things to be found in the shop.
I like how the black and the blues flowed and overlapped on this serving dish. I hope to make some more of these as time goes by.
Also playing around with new "Pint-ish" glasses. This one sold right
away, so maybe I'm going in the right direction? :)
I was happy I sent it out, as one particular person got excited and bought a mess of things from me, including the "pint-ish glass" pictured above, and the bowl at the very top of this post! Hooray! I'll be putting those funds into building a new portable Raku kiln, as mine is on its last legs!
I truly love how well this plate turned out! The colors were exactly what
I was hoping for!
"Conundrum." I'm thinking of doing a series with this theme.
Of course, now I'm out of good pics to post in the shop, so I'm back to watching my teaching videos and wishing I could get out into the studio and get my hands muddy, again! (I'm also binge-watching "Breaking Bad," which I never saw while it was on, but we'll let that go, for now...)

If you're part of Etsy, please take some time to head over to my Etsy store and "Favorite" my shop. (To favorite, got to the left sidebar, scroll down, and click on the little heart and phrase "Add to Favorites.") You can also "like" my Facebook page and follow me on Twitter. I've got a few fun Hallowe'en and ceramics boards on Pinterest, and of course one of "My Stuff."

O.K.! Time to get back to seeing how Heisenberg is doing... ;)

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