Saturday, October 15, 2022

Oh, The Horror!

So I had a funny (read invasive) experience with Pinterest a couple of days ago. I opened up my email and here it was:

Recently, we removed one of your Pins for violation of our guidelines on self-injury and harmful behavior. After a review of our decision, we've decided to reactivate the Pin, but please take some time to go through your Pins and remove any that may go against our Community Guidelines.We limit the distribution of or remove content that displays, rationalizes or encourages suicide, self-injury, eating disorders or substance abuse. This content impacts the community-it can be triggering, or reinforce harmful behavior. These rules apply to all Pins, including ones on your secret boards.If we notice more Pins that conflict with our Community Guidelines, we may take additional action on your account.If you or someone you know is struggling with depression, low confidence, or self-harm, resources are available in our Help Center where you can get free, confidential and immediate support. 
The Pinterest Team

OK, before you think I'm a total jerk, I want to let you know they pulled a pin off of my "The Horror" Pinterest board. 

Literally, it is a board made up entirely of horror movies, with Amazon links.


And there's no way to figure out which particular movie they pulled, or what the actual criteria is, or why a board of horror movies triggered the action. (I mean, because horror movies are pretty much inherently violent and triggering for some folks, who generally know to steer clear of them.) 

Because let's be honest, if they can pull one horror movie off a board dedicated to them due to their thinking I violated their ToS, they'll shut my entire account down, recipes and all.

Don't get me wrong. I'm glad they reinstated it. I just wish I knew what in their AI triggered it and why it didn't have a criteria for movies in there.

Anyone else find the AI is sometimes drunk?


  1. Wow I did not even know pinterest had those kinds of community guidelines. But horror movies are full of all kinds of off color images so yes taken out of context, I could see were AI would misinterpret.

    1. Oh, yeah, absolutely! Especially the older horror movie posters would trigger that AI. The covers of some of the Vincent Price movies were pretty lurid!

  2. I've had this happen before too. It's like hey, you might have broken the rules but we're not going to tell you why...


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