Tuesday, October 18, 2022

The Night Gallery - 2nd Edition Kickstarter!

If you're a fan of Rod Serling's The Night Gallery, and you missed the first edition of this gorgeous collection of paintings and information from the show, you're in luck! A new Kickstarter project has, um, kicked off with Rod Serling's Night Gallery: An After-Hours Tour—2nd Edition!

From the page:

Greetings, Art Lovers and Mavens of the Macabre!

In 1998, Syracuse University Press published Rod Serling's Night Gallery: An After Hours Tour written by Scott Skelton and Jim Benson, the world's leading historians on the classic NBC anthology. At the time, the 404-page trade paperback was the most complete history ever documented on the 1969–73 TV series, featuring interviews and a selection of 100 photos.

Over the past 24 years, Skelton and Benson continued to compile interviews and imagery resulting in this newly expanded 824-page masterwork, now in full color!—a deluxe companion guide to Rod Serling’s dark fantasy series that revises, updates, and vastly expands the first edition from 1998 with the addition of deeper archival research, a crop of new interviews with cast and crew members, and more than 900 color and black-and-white photographs—including reproductions of all the introductory paintings!
I was fortunate enough to get my hands on the First edition of the book they did on the art of The Night Gallery, and I can tell you that it's worth every penny!

Head over to the Night Gallery Kickstarter Page to become a part of this project!

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