Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Another for Fire

I made this for class and he's getting fired as we speak. We'll see how he turns out!
If I'd had longer, I would have added wings. The good thing/bad thing about a short/intense class is that I'm not tempted to start huge projects (like poor Gnorman), or add huge amounts of detail.
I think I hear Gnorman rattling around in his bucket in the Garage of Doom. I'll have to start piecing him together soon...


  1. That's what you made in a "short" class? Holy moly, I couldn't have made that if I had taken the "3 year" class, lol! WOW!

  2. Hmmm . . . he looks quite detailed to me. Hope he escapes poor Gnorman's fate :)

  3. Wow! What talent! I think you might be a natural at this!!

    I wish him safe passage through the firing process!


  4. Thanks, everyone! mrsb, the class I'm taking is four days a week, from 9-4, for two weeks. (Last day is tomorrow.)SO short! I had to allow time for my pieces to dry, so after allowing the thicker ones to dry a bit in the sun, I left them to dry inside over the weekend, so I really had to have them done by last Thursday so they'd be dry enough Monday to do some smoothing out.
    Very intense!

  5. What a Fantastic Peice!!! He ...or she... is SO AWESOME. and you won an award at my blog!! Smiles

  6. wow-o wow-o wow. I'm so impressed!!!


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